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Worthy Of Affection

Shane and Shane

Verse 1
Deliver you brought us out of the miry clay
You set our feet upon the rock
And You made us sing, holy is the Lord
If You would declare Your thoughts about us
One by one it would be too many to count
So we simply come to sing of your great love
So we sing, we lift our hands and sing

You are worthy of affection
You're the radiance of all of His glory
Let our adoration fill this place
You hold everything together
By the word of your immovable power
We sing this song of praise

Verse 2
We are the broken down
And we are the beaten up
But what can stop us
From the song of unending love, Holy is the Lord
You are the treasure
The hope, the bright and morning star
You are the lover of our soul
And you won our hearts we sing of Your great love
So we sing we lift our hands and sing

Holy are You Lord (repeat)