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In You

Ben Zornes

Verse 1
The ocean depths of Your righteousness
Are a hiding place where our souls find rest
From the endless toil of a selfish life
And the promise of being found in Christ
For Your flawless Word stands sure and fast And all You’ve said will come to pass
So we confess with joy the precious Gospel truth
And sing our only hope is found in You

By grace I now believe, by faith I now receive
The treasure of life in You

In You the old has gone, in You new life has come
What else could I plead, where else can I go
There’s no other fount I know
so, I hide myself in You

Verse 2
Time and words both fail to express
The fullness of Your matchless loveliness
So I fall to my knees to kiss Your nail scarred feet
And gladly believe the glorious Gospel of peace
I now reckon it true that being found in You
Your cross was mine and now I’m made new
So I present my life forever yield my all
to the King of king’s loving beck and call

It’s a beautiful refrain the covenant of grace
Thy life for mine, my life for thine