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Ben Zornes

Verse 1
In every valley I’ve been through
In every joy and trouble too
No matter my condition or circumstance
You remain forever sure and steadfast
Through all my future, present and past

Verse 2
Through all the windings of my way
For the burden of living this day
And for all the trials and triumphs of tomorrow
I can trust the Keeper of the sparrow
To uphold me in gladness, grief, and sorrow.

You were faithful before I ever drew a breath
You are faithful at present, Oh Lord
And I know even after earth’s final day
God You’ll be, faithful evermore

Verse 3
Though I can’t see far ahead
I will rest in what Your Word has said
That faithful is He who has called me
And what He’s begun He’s faithful to complete
So from here on out onward is my creed

When death will be swallowed in victory
And my tears will be swept into the sea
And I’ll see how you led me so faithfully
And still you’ll be, faithful evermore…