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Christ The Lord

Ben Zornes

Verse 1
In the darkness of the night In the brightness of the day
In the storm, or in the calm I have found a song to sing
When the storm grows dark and dim In the midst of shadows grim
I may be weak, Christ is strong He’s become my midnight song

Christ the Lord, Christ the Lord
God Almighty dwells within
I’m a conqueror through Him
Christ alone shall my heart adore
And through the wind and waves I’ll stand
For I’m held in the hallow of the hands
Of Christ the Lord

Verse 2
When all the force of Satan’s might
Makes it seem like nothing’s right
The child of God can lift his voice
“I am redeemed and I can rejoice.”

Though the earth be removed and fall to the sea
Though the host of hell seem so overwhelming
In the valley of death’s darkest shadow
I can stand for Christ has won the battle
Though weeping may endure for the night
Joy is sure to come in the morning

My redeemer gives me songs in the night
and upholds me by the promise of the light
of Christ the Lord