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Calvary's Law

Ben Zornes

Verse 1
While Sinai’s law was great indeed
And showed to me my soul’s great need
There, crimson, shines a mount of awe
And freedom’s found in Calv’ry’s Law
Yes freedom’s found in Calv’ry’s Law

Verse 2
On Calv’ry’s Law and it alone
I place my confidence and hope
That though a sinner I am saved
not by my goodness but by grace
oh not by goodness but by grace

Sing oh sing, ye host of Heav’n
Grace is not earned it’s freely giv’n
Oh how great the debt I owed
But greater far the price He paid
It’s grace alone by which I’m saved

Verse 3
In light of God’s great righteousness
How dark my guilt and arrogance
With no excuse with which to plead
By faith I flee to hide in Thee
By faith I flee to hide in Thee

Verse 4
Oh Calvary’s Law is simply this
Cast doubt aside, and cling to grace
Trust not the good of thy own hand
And rest thy faith in the Son of Man
I rest my faith in Calv’ry’s Lamb