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Beyond The Veil

Walter Willis

Verse 1
O my soul, look beyond the clouds
Set your gaze on eternity
Temporal pains and pleasures melt away like snow
At brilliance beyond the galaxies

Verse 2
I’m desperate for a glimpse beyond the veil
Just a glimpse of reality
A living scene that stands, ‘cross the folds of time
Guide my eyes to see

See the lamb, lifted high
Let his name be magnified
All things lay at his feet
Ultimate, majesty
In the light of His face worldly things grow pale
Just a glimpse beyond the veil

Verse 3
O my soul, live beyond this life
The blood was shed to ransom thee
Christ is coming soon to gather all His bride
and on that day we’ll see

Just a few more days
Just a few more years
By His grace we’ll persevere

Final Chorus
See the bride, ‘dorned in white
Radiant in His sight
All the trials upon her brow
Have turned into a glorious crown
We will see face to face, and human words will fail
More than a glimpse beyond the veil
And we will be beyond the veil
Forevermore beyond the veil