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Because I Love You

Ben Zornes

Verse 1
Oh Prince and Ruler of my heart I know I’ve only seen a part
Of all Your humble agonies which you endured to rescue me
A thousand hearts would be too few to fully love and treasure You
But I have just one heart to give so here it is and may it be Your throne

So whether I live or I die
May this be the chorus of my parting cry

May the passion and the purpose of my life
Be summarized in glorifying Christ
You are the overwhelming yearning of my soul
No matter what I must endure I’ll gladly go
Because I love you Lord, because I love You Lord

Verse 2
I truly long to bring You praise as I walk the narrow way
So wean my soul of earthly things, by purging me through pain and suffering

Because I love You Lord oh how I love You Lord
Though all the world would mock Your truth I’ll delight to follow You
Not like a duty-driven Pharisee but from a joyful heart that loves You so