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Ben Zornes

Verse 1
You are meekness and majesty
You are sweetness and valiancy
All bound up in One, O bright heaven's sun
You are flawless with finality
You are endless in eternity
You're all we need, O beautiful King

Awake, awake, O arm of the Lord
Put on strength, put on strength as in the ancient days
And for Your glory and for Your praise
O great Almighty God, Awake

Verse 2
We are weary and thirsty here
O how we need Your presence here
O beautiful King, to You we must cling
For power, fame and glory Lord
And every praise Your grace affords
We give unto You, O come make us new

You've wounded the dragon
He has no power
We now overcome, the battle is won
The devil strives to fight and win
But Christ the Lord defeated him
So triumph once more, glorious King we adore