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All You Are

Ben Zornes

Verse 1
Oh to know You, and make You known
You've purchased my life and I am not my own
Making much of You with everything in me
and every breath I breathe is a tribute to Your mercy

And all You are is all I ever want to know
Your voice breathed out the stars and set the sun aglow
You're the God of grace and love and light
The King who reigns with endless might
Though some refuse to bow, my heart cannot find how
A soul cannot delight in all You are

Verse 2
You shall ever be my only joy
You're the love of my life and the aim of my heart
Though this simple song is foolish to the world
I can't refuse to sing all the glory of my King

All You are, You have always been
All You are, You are right now
All You are, You shall ever be
All I need is all You are